Sunday, June 19, 2016

We’ve Returned to the Road - June 14-19, 2016

Finally we are back to motorhome traveling.  Except for a Christmas holiday traveling north to be with family we have not done any trips since last summer when we moved to Florida.  We left our home on, Tuesday, June 14 heading north, of course, what other way could we go from Florida?  We stopped in Brunswick, Ga. (188 miles)and had the motorhome serviced at Speedco before going to Golden Isles RV Park for the night.

Continuing north on Wednesday (15th) we traveled through some rain as we made our way to Dillon, S.C. (282 miles).  We did have some slow traveling due to a semi trailer fire which was extinguished when we passed by but the trailer appeared to be completely ruined.

On Thursday(16th) we moved farther north on I-95 to Doswell, Virginia (291 miles) where we spent 3 nights so we could visit Todd, Beth and our grandchildren.  We wanted to be closer to our family but campgrounds closer did not have spaces available for the 3 days.  Since we were about 40 miles away we didn’t go to see the family on Thursday.  We did have weather issues as a severe storm with tornedo warnings were issued for the area.  Watching the progression of the storm system we saw that a tornedo could touch down in our area about 9;25pm.  We joined other campers on the porch of the bathrooms all hoping and praying that no tornedo materialize.  At one point we went into the men’s bathroom as the wind was blowing the rain into the porch area.  Luckily, we only had pouring rain and some wind and no tornedos.

Friday (17th) we spent much of the day visiting with Todd, Beth, Parker and Gabi.  Parker and Gabi are growing up so fast and are so much fun to be around.  These 2 little ones returned with us to the campground to spend the night sleeping in the motorhome.

Saturday(18th) we hurriedly got the little ones fed breakfast and then took them back to their home so we could the go to Mountain View School to watch our 16 year old granddaughter, Maddi, play field hockey.  There was a tournament so we saw Maddi’s team play 3 games.  We then returned back to Todd and Beth’s for the afternoon.  Todd cooked a dinner of Low Country Boil with crab legs, shrimp, clams, potatoes, and corn.  Unfortunately,  as Todd was carrying the big pot of the seafood boil into the house I (Leah) opened the door for him and their dogs came charging out with the biggest dog going between my legs knocking me down the steps where I fell on the patio hitting my head.  This did but a bit of a damper on an otherwise pleasant day.  I told Tom later that there were 2 EMS people there (Todd works as a paramedic and Tom has been an EMT) but I had to tell them to get me some ice for my head.  I later found I had a few more aches and pains but not as bad as it could have been.  After eating dinner together Tom and I said good bye and returned to the campground.

Sunday (19th) and Father’s Day we were once again back on the road headed north.  We are going to the Canadian Maritime area.  The most direct route up there is straight up I-95 but that route goes through Washington,D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.  So Tom found something on the internet that suggested going a little to the west catching I-81 to Jonestown, Pa. and the I-78 to I-87 to Newburgh, New York which is just above New York City.  So that is the route we are taking.  We stopped at a Hoss’ restaurant near Enola, Pa.  for dinner.  Then a little further we stopped in Jonestown, Pa (270 miles)at Jonestown KOA (the former Lickdale Campground we had camped at with the Traveling Americans).  Sadly, having KOA name has not improved this campground only increased the price of camping ($47.00 for 30 amp site for the night).  We are finding campgrounds are fewer as we travel north.  We were in need of milk so we went into the store here in the campground.  All the 1/2 gallons of skim milk were dated 6/19/16  so we checked the quarts and they were good for a week longer.  We picked up the milk and 2 bags of chips that were 2 for $5.00 according to the sign on the shelf.  When we checked out the young female clerk rang up $3.69 per bag of chips and $1.10 for the milk.  When we pointed out what was stated on the shelf for the chips she said those prices are usually marked on the  bags but she didn’t bother to go back and check she just rang up what we said.  Then we pointed out the skim milk was $1.00 according to the paper on the door not $1.10.  She said homogenized milk was $1.10 and we explained this was skim milk.  We finally ended with just paying $6.00 but I think the clerk felt we were trying to get away with something dishonest.