Sunday, June 26, 2016

Schoodic Point- June 26, 2016

Today, Sunday, we drove about 40 miles to Schoodic Point which is another area of Acadia National Park.  This Point was turned over to the National Park service by the Navy a few years ago.    Winter Harbor is the town closest to the point.  The tide was at low tide when we arrived which was quite apparent with the mud flats extending football field lengths at various places. 

The tide is out

At the point large boulders extend out to the ocean water.  Since it was low tide the waves were not crashing into the rocks and spraying up very much. 


Leah at Schoodic Point

Since high tide was to be about 4pm we had lunch in the town of Winter Harbor which took about 2 hours due to the slow service at the restaurant.  After lunch we returned to the point about 2pm as the tide was coming in.  The rise in the water level had covered much of the mud flats and there was more crashing of the waves on the rocks.

Schoodic Point

On the point the air temperature had dropped  about 10 degrees (to 66 degrees) from our earlier stop  until this afternoon stop which we assume was due to the higher tide and cold from the water.  Inland the temperature was much warmer.   The tides have about a 10 foot difference between high and low.  This was a very beautiful area and much less congested than the Bar Harbor Acadia Park .

Tomorrow we will be leaving this area and moving farther north into Canada.  We have had the best weather while in this area.  Clear skies, bright sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70’s to low 80’s during the day and dropping to the low 50’s at night.