Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 2- St. John, N.B.- June 30, 2016

This day we started out by going to the downtown area.  We parked around the King’s Park, a city block park that had some memorial statutes.  Across the street from the park was the City Market, a small market of produce and meats along with other items as tee shirts, placemats, toys and other such stuff.  We then walked about the area into a small shopping mall.  Actually the downtown had little going for it. 

St. John City Market

St John Ciry Market


We drove to The Martello Tower, a tower used for coastal defense during the War of 1812.  Unfortunately, reconstructive work is being done on the tower so we were unable to go inside but we could walk up to it and see the views of the city from that point.

Martello Rower

  We returned to the downtown to get lunch at an Italian restaurant before returning back to the motorhome.  We have been disappointed in this area.  The reversing rapids are a must see but after that there really wasn’t much that held our interest.  We are thankful for GPS for getting us around the confusing streets.  Initially, we thought about staying here for 4 nights but when we checked in at the campground Tom was told that we would not need that many days because there was not that much to do here.  We do have another day and we haven’t figured out just what we will do tomorrow.  The campground does not refund money if we wanted to leave so we will stay another day.

After a rainy night, the day was mostly cloudy until late afternoon when the skies cleared. This evening we did return to the reversing rapids about 2 hours before high tide and with sun shining instead of the rain like last night.  The black ducks that we saw last night were in abundance during this pre-high tide.  There were swirls in the water that apparently stir the food fish upward giving these ducks a hearty dinner.  We were told that these are cormorants.  These ducks swim along with the tide and then dive down often bringing up a fish that they quickly swallow before the sea gulls can steal it from them.  There must have been hundreds of these cormorants feeding.

Birds Feeding at High Tide