Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mountain Travels- June 20. 2016

Before I tell about today’s travels I need to write about an occurrence from yesterday that I neglected to write about.  As we were traveling on I-66 in Virginia prior to getting to the turnoff to Front Royal we saw a black bear on the bank beside the road.  He looked as if he was eating something, possibly berries, and was not bothered by the traffic passing by.  Quite exciting to see a bear in that area of the country.

Now about today’s travels.  We continued traveling on I-81 through mountainous areas to the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton vicinities.  Then we left the northern I-81 route for an eastern route on I-84 that continued through the mountains of New York into Connecticut,a total of 278 miles.  Tonight we at Bear Creek campground in Bristol, Ct.  The campgrounds  in the area we traveled today are few so we had made reservations last night.  This campground is connected with some sort of Theme park.  Aside from seeing the entrance gates as we came into the camp area the park is out of our view.  This campground appears to be relatively new although we find it strange that the sites do not have sewer but have 50 amp electric.

  The weather throughout the country appears to be extremely hot.  We received an email yesterday from a relative who lives in Tucson showing a temperature of 121 degrees outside.  The weather here in Bristol is in the low 80’s and low humidity which is real comfortable.