Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jardin Kingsbrae and Minister’s Island- June 28, 2016

We woke up this morning to the sound of rain but after a couple showers early today the rain stopped but the cloudiness hung in there.  It wasn’t until late afternoon that the sun appeared and added some warmth to the 60 some degree windy air.  I neglected to say yesterday that New Brunswick is in Atlantic time zone- 1 hour ahead of Eastern time.

The day started with us going to the Jardin Kingsbrae a 27 acre garden with a large variety of trees, shrubs and plants along with ponds, a stream, a variety of birds and a 1/3 scale windmill.  There were even some alpacas, goats, chickens, ducks rabbits and peacocks to see.  A self guided tour allowed us to walk about at our own pace. 

Kingsbrae Gardem

Potted Plants




Ministers Island was our next touring spot.  This island is accessible 5 hours a day during low tide as you need to travel over the sand bar that connects the island to the mainland. Today it was 11am to 4pm- of course, this time changes with the tide schedule daily.  The island was bought many years ago by a minister who built a house there that he and his family lived in hence the name for the island.  Later, it was owned by the Van Horne family.  It is now a provincial and historic site.  For a donation we were allowed to walk about the island on trails.  We selected the shorter 2 mile trail that had some hill climbs with nice views of the surroundings.  Upon entering the island we were given a tag that had to be returned when we left to insure everyone was off the island before the tide covered the sand bar.  With high tide the sand bar is under at least 14 feet of water.  As the tide rises the water over the bar is very swift.

The Road to Ministers Island with the tide still in.

The Road to Ministers Island at High Tide.

The Road to Ministers Island at Low Tide

The Road to Ministers Island at Low Tide.  You can now drive over to the island.

The Barn, The Creamery and The House


Before returning to the campground we stopped in St. Andrews for a late lunch at the Gables restaurant and then to the grocery store for a few food supplies.  Tom made a run to Tim Hourton’s, Canada”s Dunkin Donuts, for coffee.  Tomorrow we move on to new territory.