Sunday, May 26, 2013

Slow Start to Laramie, Wyoming, Saturday, May 25, 2013

This morning we were ready to leave the campground about 8am but…..   When Tom started the motorhome up a shrill whistling singling that the air was not getting pumped up sufficiently so we could not go anywhere as this effected the brakes.  So he got parked back into our campsite and went down to the office to get phone numbers of a service person.  Saturday on a holiday weekend, of all the luck!!  But the first number tried to a place (Smith’s Power Products) across the road from the campground he got a response and was told that the serviceman would be about 45 minutes as he was coming from home.  True to his word within 45 minutes the serviceman was there and he quickly saw the problem.  An air pressure relief valve was stuck in the open position.  He suggested putting a plug in it as a temporary fix which he did.  When Tom tried to pay for the service he was told “no charge”.  Unbelievable in this time!  Tom did give the young man some money although he really didn’t want to take it.

Finally at 9:40am we were on the road again but first we stopped for fuel and then we got rolling on I-80.  We had only planned to go to Laramie, Wyoming today which was 215 miles.  About the last 50 miles Tom had to fight the wind a bit but we were in the campground, Laramie KOA, by 2pm. 

A former high school classmate, Bonnie Blue Robertson, lives in Laramie with her husband, Ray.  Tom had contact with her and we were going to meet up for dinner together.  About 5pm we went to their house and chatted for a spell.  We then drove downtown and had dinner at a local restaurant, Lovejoy’s.

From 2013-05-25 Bonnie and Ray
From 2013-05-25 Bonnie and Ray
  Afterwards, we walked about the town and made an ice cream stop and walked a little more.
From 2013-05-25 Bonnie and Ray
  Tom and Bonnie had a good time reminiscing and we all enjoyed socializing.  Bidding farewell and hopes of seeing each other again, we returned to the campground.  Tomorrow we will be in Nebraska.