Sunday, May 19, 2013

Heading East, Saturday, May 18, 2013

We were on the road this morning by 8:10am and started our travels eastward.  From Chimacum we headed south skirting around Tacoma and then east of Seattle we picked up I-90.  On I-90 we traveled through mountainuous area and then a complete change of scenery occurred.  We were no longer seeing mountains covered with pine trees but in flatter areas with very few trees of any kind.  There were farms and orchards in a much drier environment.  We did pass several lakes and crossed the Columbia River.  We stopped at Dry Falls State Park Visitor Center.  This Center overlooks the Dry Falls which is a large canyon that was formed thousands of years ago by melting glaciers.  The falls that existed at that time were many times bigger than Niagara Falls but today there is no longer falls but sheer cliffs.  After 354 miles we are in a campground, Country Lane Campground, in Wilbur, Washington.  Grand Coulee Dam is about 20 miles north of here and tomorrow we will spend the day there.