Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leveling Jacks and Illinois, Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last night about 1:30am we were awakened with the sound of heavy down pouring of rain with a few rumbles of thunder.  When we got up the rain had stopped but the clouds were still heavy.  Before 8am we were on the road again and seeing more flooded areas in Iowa.  About 100 miles later (9:15am) we were at the turn off for Moscow, Iowa where the manufactures of the leveling jacks (HWH) for our motorhome is located.  We have been having problems with the jacks retracting, as they should, so we had planned to stop by and see if we could have them checked out.  We were in luck as they were not busy today and could take us in immediately.  One front jack that had been replaced by Tiffin on one visit to their facility and was working okay.  The other front and 2 rear jacks today had the springs replaced and the 2 rear jacks worked as they should but the front jack still was problematic so a new jack was installed.  Another couple from North Carolina, Opal and Bob, were there having work on their motorhome done.  About lunchtime these nice folks asked us about going out to lunch so we all went to Tipton, a neighboring town, to a family restaurant that HWH folks had recommended.  We had a nice lunch and good company.  The work on our jacks was completed about 2:30pm- best part there was no charge as we are still under warranty.  Getting ready to leave Tom step out of the motorhome onto the retracting  outside steps and the steps broke.  So Tom then had to secure the steps and then we finally got away from HWH at 3pm.  We have plans to go to Red Bay, Alabama to the Tiffin factory before going home so this will be another issue that will need to be address.

Continuing on our travels on I-80 east we crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois and then 65 miles later we stopped at a campground, Geneseo Campground, in Geneseo, Il.

From 2013-05-28
  We had thought about staying at a campground along the Mississippi River but with all the rain and flooding we thought better of that idea.  I did call this campground to be sure they were opened and free of flooding.  We had heard that campgrounds were closed because of flooding in this area.

The clouds are still heavy and there have been spells of strong winds but so far just sprinkles of rain occasionally.  The weather reports are predicting severe storms just south of where we are for tonight.