Saturday, May 04, 2013

Coos Bay, Oregon- Saturday, May 4, 2013

A little before 9am we were on the road heading north on I-5 for 74 miles then west for to Coos Bay for a total of 171 miles.  Most of our travels were through forested regions and in some towns we passed through there were wood processing mills.   We had a little mix-up finding the campground that we wanted to go to which resulted in an attempt at turning around and finding that we were not going to successfully get turned without taking out a fence or unhooking the Jeep from the motorhome  and then being able to back up  to make room for the turn.  So it was unhooking, successfully making the turn and then hooking-up the Jeep again.  These things happen sometimes. 

We finally did make it to Midway RV Park, a passport park, a few minutes before 1pm.  After setting up in the campsite we jumped into the Jeep and went in search of a seafood restaurant.    Fisherman’s Grotto was a suggestion given to Tom at the campground and was a good choice.  We both had fish and chips but opted for a vegetable dish in place of the “chips” or fries.  Tom also had a cup of clam chowder.  All the food was very good.

Lunch over, we were on our way to explore this area.  We drove along a scenic coastal road to Cape Arago.  At the Lighthouse Beach there were a number of people enjoying the beach and some even brave enough to go into the water.  Simpson Reef was interesting as harbor seals and sea lions were inhabiting this area while “pupping”.  Before seeing these animals we were able to hear the barking over the roar of the ocean.  Whales are also in this area but we did not see any today, maybe tomorrow.