Monday, April 08, 2013

Simi Valley and Reagan Museum, Saturday, April 6, 2013

This morning a little past 9am we departed the Harbor RV Park and traveled north on I-405 and then north of  Los Angeles connected with Freeway 118 west to Simi Valley.  Eighty-eight miles and less than 2 hours we were at Oak Park Campground, a Ventura County park where we plan to stay for 2 nights.  We were finally out of a city environment but then shortly after setting up we realized that we were real close to train tracks as a train went by.  That’s campgrounds! 

We drove into the town of Simi Valley to get lunch.   We had been seeing billboards advertising a new hamburger called “Hot Mess” at Jack-in-the-Box.  So when we saw a “Jack’s” we decided today we would try this sandwich.  The “Hot Mess” is a hamburger with onion rings, Jalapeno peppers and lots of a cheesy sauce on sourdough toast.  It was a mess and it had some heat.  We have satisfied our curiosity back to healthier eating.

Our next stop was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in a beautiful location high on a hill overlooking the surrounding mountains, valleys and supposedly the Pacific Ocean (the smog was too heavy to see the Ocean and it was a clear day).  The museum follows the life of Reagan from college to actor to California governor and then 40th President of the U.S.A.  There are 25 galleries.  An exact replica of the Oval Office during his years of being President is on display.  Air Force One, a 707 aircraft, that was used by Reagan and 6 other Presidents is displayed  allowing visitor enter and walk the full length of the plane.  The outside grounds has a replica of the White House Rose Gardens, a  piece of the Berlin Wall and the Memorial site of the President.

Within the complex there is an exhibit, “Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives”, presented by the Official Disney Fan Club (D23) .  This display of costumes, props and artwork will be at this Presidential Library through April 2013.

We thought the Library was very well done but expensive.  Entrance fee was $20.00 ( $18.00 for seniors).  A GuideCam, an audio tour guide, was $7.00 to rent- we rented these and wish that hadn’t as most everything on this guide could be heard on video clips or read on the displays.  And then going into Air Force One a picture was taken that could be purchased from $16.00 to $25.00- and no you were not allowed to take your own pictures going onto the plane.  We were also surprised at the number of visitors.  The large parking lot was filled and parking was available along the roadway with a shuttle to bring visitors to the museum.  There is a lot to see, we spent over 4 hours here.