Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brookings, Or. - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today we drove south on Highway 101 to Brookings, Or.  Sunday when we moved the motorhome up the coast to Gold Beach we traveled this road.  This time as we went south about 26 miles, we stopped at the numerous pull-outs or took some roads down to the beaches, things not so easily done with a motorhome.  The scenery along this coast is every bit as pretty as we have been told or we have seen in pictures.

Getting to Brookings we stopped at a Fred Myer Store (haven't seen a Fred's since our travels to Alaska) and picked up a few items.  And then it was onto having lunch at a local Mexican restaurant.  The next stop was at the Azalea Garden.  The azaleas were just about finished blooming but the rhodendrums were just beautiful with so many colors.  The Gardens are not huge but they are nicely laid out with paved walkways.  We drove around the town and by the harbor before returning to Gold Beach.

It was chilly today and very windy.  When we stopped at a beach today the sand was blowing so much we could feel the sting on our faces.  We had wanted to walk out to the beach from the campground but the wind has presisted all evening.  We are hoping for better weather tomorrow as we take our boat trip up the Rogue River