Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Buellton and Solvang, April 8, 2013, Monday

We made a move 111miles to the north.  We left Oak Park Campground in Simi Valley about 9:15am.  There was talk on the weather reports about strong winds today but nothing of any concern in Simi Valley.  As we traveled along the beautiful blue water of the Pacific Ocean the winds were becoming noticably stronger.  We arrived in Buellton about 11:30am  and were glad to be off the road.
After getting settled into our campsite at Flying Flags RV Resort we took off in the Jeep for the town of Solvang just a few miles to the east of Buellton.  This unique town was established by Danish educators in 1911.  The Danish influence is evident in the architecture, windmills, bakeries, museums and shops.  We ate at "The Belgian Cafe" with a lunch of Danish sausage sandwich for Tom and a grilled ham and cheese for me, both also included a fresh fruit cup.  We walked about the town going into some of the shops and stopping at the Visitor's Center.  Some of the better museums were closed today but we did get to the Hans Christain Andersen Museum- not worth the time.  The many bakeries were really tempting us so before leaving we did stop and purchased a "Buttering" a pastry ring that looks like sweet buns but is flavored with almond and has a custardly filling. 
Today was a much cooler day with temperatures in the low 60's and wind blowing at 35 mph with gusts to 50mph.  Hopefully the wind will calm as we plan to move again on Wednesday but we will stay put longer if the wind continues.  Driving the motorhome in strong winds can be quite challenging.