Thursday, April 25, 2013

Redding, Ca.- Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The winds were to be a little quieter today so we were on the road again.  As we were traveling north on I-5 the winds were hitting it us from the east.  Tom was thinkful that we did not move yesterday if the winds today were about half the force of yesterday winds.  We saw groves of olive trees and then signs about an olive- tasting, store and cafe in Corning.  Since it was close to noon and the signs also advertised "RV Parking" we decided to stop and taste some olives and eat lunch.  I ate a hamburger and Tom had a muffletta sandwich and then we sampled olives.  Located in the northernmost Sacramento Valley, Corning has been growing olives since the 1890's.   Called "America's Olive City" this city still claims to package more than half of the nation's olives.
From 2013-04-24 Olive Trees

Journeying on north, we pulled into Redding RV Park in Redding, California about 1:30pm and 169 miles from Sacramento.  As we were traveling today we saw Mt. Shasta, a beautiful snow covered mountain off in the distance
From 2013-04-24 Traveling North
.  After settling the motorhome in the campground we took off to see a couple places in the area.  Mt. Shasta dam is probably less than 10 miles from the campground.  Driving to the dam the views are spectacular with the blue water of the lake behind the dam and in the distance Mt. Shasta.  The Visitor's Center was open but it was after 3pm, the time of the last tour.  We were able to see a movie that followed a tour group through the dam which we found to be quite interesting when folks that had been involved in the building of the dam (1945-50) were featured.

Next stop was in Redding at the Sundial Bridge crossing the Sacramento River.  The 700foot bridge is only for bikers and pedestrians, no motorized vehicles.  The bridge is made of steel, glass and granite and is an impressive structure.

Back to the campground we had supper and then Tom feeling energetic decided to wash the motorhome- not that it needed it!!  There are not too many campgrounds that allow RV washing so when this one did Tom took advantage.