Monday, April 08, 2013

Reacquainting with the Past,Sunday, April 7, 2013

This county owned campground is so quiet and peaceful after being in Anaheim.  Even the occasional train passing by is a relief from the city sounds of traffic.  This morning we made a run to the grocery store to restock some food and laundry supplies.  Tom grilled steaks for lunch and watched the races on television.  A beautiful day that started out in the low 50’s and has gone to the low 80’s by afternoon before starting to cool down.

Tom through Facebook has gotten reacquainted with friends from his hometown of Deshler, Ohio.  Ken Tussing is one of these friends and the last Tom and Ken had seen one another was in basic training for the Navy in 1963.  Ken now lives in this area of California and through the FB connection asked Tom to give him a call if we got into this area.  So Tom did contact Ken and it was set in place that Ken and his wife, Doris, would pick us up to go out to dinner this evening.   We had a really nice evening with Ken and Doris going to a local diner, First Street Family Restaurant.  Of course, Tom and Ken talked about their old hometown and people from that town.  Doris and I enjoyed a few laughs listening and adding our comments.  The evening ended with hopes of keeping in touch.  Ken, a musician, has a tour scheduled that may involve some time in the east that we may be able to connect when we’re back home.  We thank Ken and Doris for adding to our travel memories.