Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yellowstone- Day 6- September 11, 2012

Tom continues to feel better each day so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this little scare is behind us.  We again today travelled about the Park and went out the west gate to West Yellowstone for lunch.  We believe we have been over much of the Park.  Today was the first time this week that we had problems finding parking places when we went to The Artists Paintpots and Norris Geyser Basin.  Both of these areas were so full in the morning that we left there and returned after lunch.  We were then able to find parking spots but the lots were all but full.   The wind has continued today and it is not as sunny and bright as the past few days so it is cooler (high 50’s).  There are managed fires that are causing smoke in the Hayden Valley area.  A managed fire is one that is being carefully monitored not fought at this time.  The Park is preparing for winter installing poles along roadways to mark the roads for snow plows and closing some campgrounds.