Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cody, Wyoming- September 4, 2012

This morning, Tuesday, we left Sundance and continued west on I-90.  It was 49 degrees this morning in Sundance, 29 degrees in Yellowstone- an extra blanket was out on the bed..  Joanne called that she and Larry had been in Gillette last night and were on the road toward Cody as we were.  We figured we were an hour to an hour and half behind them.  We talked about campgrounds in Cody and Joanne was going to call to see if we would be able to get into the Absaroke Bay campground.  A little later, Joanne had called back that reservations had been made for us at the campground and we would see each other in Cody.  We traveled to Sheridan where we picked up US14 to Cody.  US 14 is a scenic route through some mountainous terrain. 

We noticed a lot of haze hanging over the mountains and had seen a fire burning in the distant mountains as we passed through Buffalo so we believe the haze is smoke.  We saw a badger run across the road in front of us- something we had not seen before in the wild.  I believe I enjoyed the 313 mile trip being able to sit back better than Tom did driving this route.  We stopped in Greybull on a back street to eat lunch in the motorhome.  We arrived in Cody at 2:30pm expecting to see Larry and Joanne but they were not here yet.  It was almost 4pm when they finally arrived.  They had taken another route plus stops had to be made periodically for their dog and for picture taking.  We will be here until Thursday.  This evening we all went out to dinner in Cody at La Comida restaurant.  It was a pleasant evening so we ate on the restaurant patio but a chill is in the air.