Sunday, September 16, 2012

North Salt Lake City- September 16, 2012

Well, we finally have landed somewhere that had internet connection that was of a quality to allow Tom to get pictures posted to the blog posts from the past week.
We left Jackson, Wyoming a little after 8am this morning after saying good-bye to Larry and Joanne. We would be going separate ways and do not expect to meet up again until we get home. Shortly after pulling out of the campground we were in Idaho. The hillsides were really pretty as there were lots of red trees among the green pine trees. I thought the only color out here was the yellow of the Aspens at this time of the year. We later came into some farming areas that had acres of newly harvested fields of grain. As we came to the town of Soda Springs we passed a large phosphate mining operation of Monsanto. Eventually, we got on I-15 that took us into Utah and south to North Salt Lake City, 279 miles. The campground, Pony Express Resort, is a extremely nice campground and compared to The Virginian in Jackson, Wy. a real bargain. Jackson was $63.00 a night, Pony Express is $40.00- same hook-ups only Pony Express has much better internet accesss.
Today, being Sunday, football games were on the television and after the continuous going for sometime we just kicked back and laid low. Tomorrow we plan to get out and explore this area.