Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to Utah- September 28, 2012

This morning we packed up the motorhome and set out on US 89 north. But first we had to make a stop at WalMart in Page and then we got underway. After crossing the Colorado River at the Glen Canyon dam we were just a few miles until we were back in the state of Utah. We made a stop at the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument Visitor's Center. We traveled through this National Monument until we were in Kanab, Utah. Vermilion cliffs were much of the scenery along this route. When we got to Glendale (104 miles later and about halfway between Zion and Bryce National Parks) we saw Bauer's Canyon Ranch Campground and got a campsite for 3 nights. The camp hosts pointed out a route a little farther north that went to Cedar Breaks National Monument. We were unfamiliar with Cedar Breaks so after lunch we struck out on the suggested route. After miles of pine treed and aspen covered mountains as well as areas of lava rocks we finally came to the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Wow! What beauty! It was breathtaking the view of colorful rock formations shaped like a huge coliseum 2,000 feet deep and over 3 miles in diameter. It was chilly(52 degrees) there as we were over 10,000 feet so we didn't linger very long. We continued on the mountainous road until we connected with US89 and returned to the campground. It was much warmer with temperatures in the upper 70's at 5pm.