Monday, September 24, 2012

Monument Valley- September 24, 2012

Five thirty or six this morning we were awakened by the rumblings of thunder and then pouring rain. We didn't roll out of bed until an hour or more later and then the stormy weather had passed.  We packed up to move on but first we stopped to refuel at a service station across the street.  When the pumps clicked off at $99.00, Tom didn't bother to resubmit his credit card knowing we had enough fuel to get us to Monument Valley, our destination.  (Cost per gallon for diesal fuel was $4.499).  By 9am we were on our way  down US191 to Us 163.  Driving along through the little town of White Mesa, Ut. we caught a sign at a Mobil service station stating diesal for $4.169- a price we had not seen for sometime. Fuel prices are so unpredictable, within a town we have seen prices vary 30 or 40 cents between service stations.  Tom quickly got turned around and filled up the tank.  Boy, were we glad we did not fill all the up in Moab at $4.499!!  We arrived at Goulding's Monument Valley Camp Park at noon- 146 miles and will be here for 2 nights.  After setting up and eating lunch our first order of business was to go to Kayenta, Az.- 20 miles south.  But first we found that we had some problems with the electric so a maintenance man was called and while we were gone to Kayenta a new breaker was installed.  Kayenta is a small town that I had had prescription medicines (meds that I would run out of before getting home but was unable to order until after we left on the trip) sent to me at General Delivery and we were holding our breaths that the meds would be there and not delay our next move.  Sure enough the delivery was there so a sigh of relief.  Returning to the motorhome we spent the afternoon resting up.