Monday, March 05, 2012

Yuma, Arizona

Yesterday, Sunday, we packed up and left Congress a little past 10am and moved southwest to Yuma.  Our travels took us on rte. 71 out of Congress, to rte.60 , then I-10 to rte. 95 into Yuma.  It was a scenic trip through wide open spaces of rural country.  The road was so straight that it seemed we could see miles ahead.  We traveled through some areas that were cultivated, irrigated and had crops growing.  One segment there were groves of nut trees- seemed to be too short for pecans, maybe pistachio?  We went through Quartzsite, easily, as the season for RVer’s to be in this area is drawing to a close for this season.  Just before getting into the city limits of Yuma we passed large fields of vegetables ( lettuces, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli).  We got to the fairgrounds where the Gypsy Gathering was being held about 1:30pm.  The parking for this rally could not be started until sometime after 12 noon due to another rally needing to be cleared out first.  RV’s were staged in a large parking lot outside the gates and were just being started to be parked when we arrived.  Mistakenly, we were placed in a row with units needing to parked in the handicap area.  When the park crew realized their mistake they told us to just continue on in with this group.  On the good side of this mistake we were parked quicker than if we had been placed with the general parking group.  We did get parked in the area of general parking, not handicap parking.  Since we had not eaten any lunch soon after getting set up we went out to eat at a German restaurant, Das Bratwurst Haus.  It was a mediocre German restaurant.  Yuma has too many really good restaurant for us to want to return to this restaurant.  We stopped at Walmart to pick up some cereal for breakfast.  The utilities at the rally consists of 20-amp electric which adequately keeps the batteries charged but not sufficient to run microwaves and coffeepots and such so no oatmeal for breakfast.

This morning after getting up and eating breakfast Tom went in search of a technician to install the Electrical Monitoring system that we had had in our Newmar and wanted it now in our Phaeton.  The technician spent several hours this morning working on this project getting it installed.  This system monitors the electric coming into the coach and is to shut down the system before  faulty electric can damage appliances within the motorhome.  We then went out for lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Rancho, and unlike yesterday’s meal we were very satisfied with our food.   In the afternoon, the rally was officially opened with a session introducing the vendors and a question and answer session with some so-called experts.  Free ice cream bars were distributed to the attendees.  Later in the evening the attendees again congregated in a large building for door prize drawings but unfortunately we did not win anything- oh well, there will be more drawings throughout the rally.  The weather in Yuma has been rather warm with temps in the mid to upper 80’s.  We wouldn’t want it much warmer without being able to run air conditioning.  Tomorrow there is to be some change in the weather with high winds predicted.