Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Last Day in Congress

Today, Tuesday, is our last day at North Ranch in Congress for this year. We like this park and area so it probably will be on the trip route our next time in Arizona. In preparation for going to "The Rally" in Phoenix tomorrow and dry camping I did the laundry. For lunch we went into Wickenburg to the Tumbleweed Restaurant, the one we found closed yesterday, and had a nice lunch. Tom had pork loin and I had spaghetti which we both enjoyed. We can only credit the somewhat out of the way location for not trying this restaurant before but we will return when we are in this area again. After lunch we stopped at a hardware store to get a new indoor/outdoor thermometer. The rain destroyed our outside unit on the thermometer that we had and we missed being able to see the outside temperature. After that purchase we then stopped at Safeway to pick up a few items for the upcoming week.
Today has been a little warmer than yesterday with temps close to 60 degrees. The strong sun has taken a toll on the snow covered mounains as those mountains closest to us are no longer white. The mountains further away still have snow but are not as white as yesterday.
NOTE: There maybe a break in the blogs while in Phoenix as we are not sure of being able to connect to the internet.