Saturday, March 03, 2012

La Fiesta at North Ranch

Today is La Fiesta at North Ranch, this is a celebration of the opening of this park that occurred in 1992. At 9:30am there was a parade through the park complete with a fire truck, percussion band, dancing ladies, vintage cars, floats(actually ATV's)with candy being thrown from, a search and rescue group and a few bicyclists. Actually for a campgroud it was a nice 15 minute parade.

Then it was to the Activity Center for the craft sale displayed around the outside porch. There were some very nice craft items for sale. Tom and I then made a quick trip to Wickenburg to get batteries for the lock key fob for the motorhome, Tom had worn his batteries out. Returning from town, we again went down to the Activity Center for lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and brownie. The pork was very good but the cole slaw lacked some flavor and the brownie was a good brownie. We checked out the silent auction items and placed a bid but doubt that we will end up with purchasing anything.
The weather today is much improved over yesterday. After I posted yesterday's post the wind kicked up again last night and was blowing to beat the band again as we were going to bed. Sometime during the night it quieted down and today is a warmer day, temps in the 60's. It is to be getting much warmer the next several days with temps in the 80's.
Today is our last day here at North Ranch as we pack up in the morning and head for Yuma. We will be at the Gypsy Gathering at Yuma fairgrounds so don't know if we will be internet connected while there.