Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gypsy Gathering and Congress

Tuesday we attended a few seminars at the Gypsy Gathering in the morning. Then at lunchtime we went down to the old section of Yuma for lunch at DeBoyz restaurant known for their pizza. Of course we had to try out a pizza and agreed it was worth the praise that we had heard. A farmers market had been set up in the street outside of the restaurant so after eating we had to walk through the market and make a few purchases of fresh vegetables. Before returning to the fairgrounds and rally we stopped at a date farm to get some dates. For evening entertainment on this evening David Bradley, a cowboy singer, filled the bill. He had a difficult time getting his sound system to work but once that problem was fixed David Bradley did a fine job of entertaining.
Winds started kicking up Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday was a cold day for Yuma. I don't think temperatrures reached 60 degrees that day and for this being the warmest area in Arizona was cold. Again this day there were seminars to attend and a vendor area to walk about and spend money. This evening there was a pizza party in the evening. Piles of Dominos pizza (120 pizzas) arrive at the campground and within less than 10 minutes everyone was served 2 slices of pizza (choice of cheese,pepperoni and sausage) and then if anyone wanted more they were welcomed to return.
Thursday morning the wind had subsided and the sun soon warmed up making for a more comfortable day. Again we attended seminars most of the day. We did go out for lunch at La Fonda Restaurant and Tortilla Factory, a favorite of ours from previous visits and after this visit still remains so. Apparently, we are not the only ones that like this restaurant because it is always busy. In the evening there was a wrapping up of the rally. Door prizes had been awarded throughout the week with this night being the final give away night. Eventually, everyone or rather each RV unit receives a door prize of something and on this night our name was finally called. We, or I should say that I since it was my size, got a tee shirt with the cover of Nick Russell's latest book "Big Lake Lynching". Nick Russell, in addition to publishing "The Gypsy Journal" newspaper and along with his wife, Terry, have 2 Gyspy Gathering Rallies a year, has taken to writting books. "Big Lake Lynching" is a follow to his first book "Big Lake". Tom and I have read the first book and I have begun reading the second book, they are available on Kindle and are quite good reading.
Friday morning after breakfast we packed up and left Yuma. The rally was over and it was time to move on. We really were unsure where we wanted to go and decided to return back to North Ranch in Congress. We got to North Ranch a little past 1pm and the office was closed for their lunch break. We just unhooked our Jeep, left the motorhome in the area for parking while registering and drove into Congress for our lunch. Returning to the campground we got registered and then parked in a site. I had pulled something in my back this morning so we just laid low the remainder of the day.
Today, Saturday, was "Yard Sale Day" here at North Ranch. We walked about the Ranch checking out the sales. I did buy a Rada cheese knife for a dollar, something I have at home but not in the motorhome before today. We then went into Wickenburg for lunch at Anita's Cocina and a stop at Safeway to replenish our food supply. We plan to be here for a little more than a week before going to Phoenix.