Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow on the Cacti, Say it's Not So!

This morning we got up to see snow falling. Hard to think a couple days ago it was 80 plus degrees here and today snowing. The snow did not accumulate on the ground. The mountains are whiter since more snow fell during the night.

Gradually the snow peeked out from the clouds for a brief moment and then the dark clouds moved over the sun. This peek-a-boo playing between the clouds and sun continued all day. It is cold probably we'll be lucky to see temperatures above 50 degrees, if they get to 50, here in Congress today.
We went into Wickenburg to have lunch at the Tumbleweed Restaurant but it was closed on Monday. Then we decided to ride up to Yarnell, about 12 miles north of Congress. Yarnell is at the top of the mountains that are snow covered. As we wound our way up the mountainous road the ground covering of snow was thickening. The roads were clean. Saquaro cacti had a covering of snow and looked strange as they were white instead of the normal green. Yarnell had 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and it was about 10 degrees colder than Congress. From there we could see the next group of mountains, that would have been on the way to Prescott, which appeared to have a much heavier layer of snow. We stopped at a little diner in Yarnell for a lunch of burgers and cream of green chili's soup. Soup was flavorful but not spicy hot. After lunch we turned around to return to North Ranch.
Back at North Ranch we walked to the Activity Building to check on the wood carvers. This week there is an Escapee gathering of wood carvers here. There were many folks busy working on projects in the building from relief carving, cypress carvings, bark carving, wood burning and caricature and bird carving.

Each type of carving had an area where a group were working and there was a leader or expert in that specific type of carving instructing or helping. Looked interesting.