Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010 Destruction Bay, Yukon Territory

This morning we left Tok and we were back on the Alaska Highway. After we passed the turn off to Chicken we were on a section of the Alcan that we had not been on when we went up to Alaska. We left that highway when we went to Whitehorse and on to Dawson City. This section of the highway is indeed the roughest- many frost heaves, gravel areasand pot holes. It was tough driving today. We had to travel about 8miles at one point in a construction zone following a pilot car. The scenery is beautiful but it's hard to enjoy when you need to concentrate on the road conditions. We left Alaska and are now in the Yukon Territory.
From Alaska 2010-06-27
Going through customs did not cause any problems but this was the first time we have been asked to show the records on Travis. We stopped at an old store to eat our lunch in the large parking lot. We went into the store after eating. The owners, an older couple, have quite a collection of rocks and other "stuff". They were entertaining with their stories and jokes. We passed through a small town, Destruction Bay, and the began seeing the beautiful blue water of Kluane Lake surrounded with equally beautiful mountains. We are staying at a campground, Cottonwood RV Park, that is on the banks of Kluane Lake. Tom and I had stayed here 8 years ago. It is a gorgeous location.
From Alaska 2010-06-27
Tomorrow we hope to be back in Alaska in Haines, another coastal town.