Sunday, June 06, 2010

June 4, 2010 Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson

This morning we waited hoping to hear from the garage that Larry’s truck repairs had been completed.  About 10am Larry and Tom decided to go over to the garage to see what was being done.  The truck had been repaired as of last evening but they hadn’t bothered to call Larry.  Anyway,  we quickly got rounded up and left Dawson Creek moving up the Alaska (Alcan) Highway.  We passed through a few small towns but most of the route was scenery of rolling hills covered with black spruce, aspen and birch trees.  We crossed the Peace River and it’s valley.  We saw a couple deer and a dead moose along the road.  Arriving in Fort Nelson we were able to get campsites in the West End campground that also had a restaurant.  We had good prime rib dinners in the quaint restaurant/bar.  There are work campers in the campground working in the gas and oil business.  It has been cloudy most of the day with small showers of rain.

I believe it is time to attach the black felt to the bedroom windows.  It seems to be getting lighter earlier every morning and 4 am seems a bit early to get moving.