Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Valdez

This morning we awoke to clouds and some light rain but before too long the rain stopped and the clouds lightened up a little.  Joanne and I wanted to get our hair cut but we were unable to find a shop that could fit us in today so our hair will continue to grow.  We, all, went to the ferry terminal to inquire about taking the ferry down the Inside Passage.  We then sat down and made the decision to not use that route of travel because we were concerned about leaving Sadie and Travis in the RVs while on the ferries,  we didn’t want to be traveling at all hours of the night and the cost, while not as bad as we thought, is still quite an expense.

We had been told yesterday by a woman working in the campground office that we should come to the Senior Center for lunch that was only $5.00 a person.  So we found the Center and went in for lunch- Chicken rice soup, salad, Taco salad, corn, Spanish rice and a brownie.  A good deal for Alaska!  The woman from the campground office was there eating and asked us to join her at her table.  She has lived here for over 30 years.  Her husband and she came up from Massachusetts to work on the pipeline.  Her husband is no longer living but she continues to stay here in the summer and then to Yuma, Az. for the winter. 

We went Duck Pond Park, a rare salt marsh, and walked the trail through the park.  We encountered a woman with her dog and got into a conversation with her about areas in the Wrangell-St.Elias National Park.  This woman and her husband relocated to that area from Michigan several years ago, have a bed and breakfast with an area for camping although we would be unable to take our RVs there due to their size.  She did tell us where we might be able to camp and how we could travel to areas in the park.  She was very helpful and give us so good information.  We are now planning to go to that area tomorrow.

This evening it was warm enough outside that we were able to sit outside comfortably and watch the eagle feeding in the campground.  Afterwards, we all went to a grocery store for a few things and then stopped for ice cream cones.