Friday, October 30, 2009

A Parade and a Wedding

Another nice day although a few more clouds and a little cooler than yesterday. After a beach walk we went to Sam's Club to get my sunglasses repaired. A screw holding the earpiece on came out and Tom tried but couldn't get it back in. Then we drove down to Murrell's Inlet and had lunch at a restaurant, Dead Dog Saloon, that had an outside deck where we sat.
After returning to the campground there again was a flurry of activity as preparations were being made by the horsemen for a parade through the campground. When we walked to the end of our street to find a place to sit and watch the parade we were surprised to see the street lined with spectators on golf carts and chairs. The parade was something to see. I knew there were a number of horses in the campground but I was still surprised at the number in the parade, and not all the horses were in the parade. Many were in costume. The cutest was a horse that had dog ears, a big puffy band of "fur" around each leg appearing as a poodle with the female rider dressed in her poodle felt skirt, they won first prize.
From 2009-10-30

There were other clever get ups- unicorns, an orca whale, Indian war horses to name a few.
Afterwards we walked around the campground being careful not to get run over by a horse or golf cart.

Travis has not been bothered by the horses or they by him. Many of the horses are use to the presence of dogs as dogs are at the campsites with the horses and most are never on a leash, even though rules state that they are to be so. As we were walking we noticed a gathering of horseback riders on the beach and then realized that there was a wedding being preformed with the bride and groom on horses. The attendants (a best man and "man" of honor)were also on horseback and the officiating minster was on one of the decking structures that is used to cross over the dunes to the beach.

From Beach Wedding

Throughout the day horses can be heard whinnying in the campground. Once darkness sets in the horses become quiet and their presence is unnoticed.