Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day in Horse Paradise

The weather has been getting better each day. Yesterday we broke out our shorts as the temperature was in the lower 80's even though it was overcast most of the day. Today has been a clear sunny day although a little cooler (upper 70's).
Walking out on the beach this morning we encountered numerous folks and their horses also enjoyimg the beach. Some horses seem a little skittish of the ocean and sand. Others seemed to enjoy wading into the surf.

From Horses Arrive

Of course walking on the beach or even in the campground with horses causes one to be careful where one steps- they don't clean up after their horses. Yesterday I mentioned that there were horses camped beside us and a license plate was from Wyoming- well that was the plate on the truck's front, the rear plate states "North Carolina" which is the correct location.
Tom and I went out shopping today- Bass Pro Shop, Tanger Outlets and finally Sam's Club.
We walked about the campground this evening. There is an area set up with vendors selling their wares of western clothing, tack and even dog supplies.

From Horses Arrive

There are also some food services- a barbeque trailer and trailer selling corn on the cob. The campground is a hive of activity.