Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Horses Arrive

This morning (Wednesday) we drove up to Calabash, North Carolina which is just north of the Myrtle Beach area to see about getting some fresh shrimp. We were in luck, the shrimp boats were docked and the shrimpers were selling shrimp.

From Shrinp

When we returned to the campground we were diverted to a different road to enter the campground. The horse trailers were arriving loaded with horses.
After a lunch of shrimp salad sandwiches- boy, they were good- we walked out on the beach. There were horse back riders in both directions. It is unbelievable the number of horses in the campground. Most of the trailers occupy at least 2 campsites. The horses are in portable corrals or tethered to a line strung between 2 trees. Beside our campsite there are a horse and a pony corralled together, neither that likes being separated from one another. According to the truck's license plate they are from Wyoming.

From 2009-10-30

Directly across from us is another corral with 3 horses, they are from Georgia. There has been a steady parade of riders riding about the campground. I believe this campground is the only campground having this beach riding event. Yesterday afternoon big rollback dumpsters were brought into the campground and situated throughout, today signs have been posted on these dumpsters that they are for horse waste only. I'm not sure who is cleaning up the beach after the horses,

From Horses Arrive

it is obvious that the riders are not. This is certainly a different camping experience.