Monday, October 12, 2009

A Visit to a Veterinary Internist

This morning we took Travis to Towson to be seen by an Internist. The doctor reviewed the information that our vet had forward to him and then examined Travis. The exam did not reveal any obvious problem, possibly a little enlarged liver. It was then recommended that he have an ultrasound done and a needle biopsy done, if indicated at that time. So the ultrasound was done and we were surprised when the needle biopsy was not done. The ultrasound did not show anything grossly abnormal with the liver. The area of the gall bladder indicated some inflammation but no large stones. The recommendation from this point was to have a liver biopsy (not the needle biopsy) or to treat medically and see if the bloodwork shows improvement. We opted to treat medically so we have 3 prescriptions of medications to give to the little guy, one is a veterinarian medication and the other 2 are human meds but at a much lower dosage. Our local Epic pharmacist is able to prepare the medications we need, how lucky!