Sunday, November 01, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Yesterday was another day of much activity in the campground and on the beach. In the morning a 20 mile beach ride took place. Many riders returned to the campground looking like contestants for wet t-shirt contests due to the rain that started after their departure from the campground. In the afternoon/evening Halloween activities with trick or treating and decorating contests were held. There seemed to be some real partying going on but by 11pm all was quiet.
This morning there was again alot of activity as the horses were loaded, some reluctantly, on their trailers to head back to their homes. By noontime, the campground was about back to prehorse arrival status. The campsites where the horses had been were cleaned-up and very little evidence of the horses' presence could be seen. According to the local newspaper there were about 1000 horses and riders involved in this event.