Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maddy joined us today

This morning we hooked up with our Son and picked up our granddaughter, Maddy.  She will be with us for a week in the motorhome.  Leah and I have really been looking forward to this trip for a while.  We made plans to go to the Pigeon Forge, Tn area.  Last night we found out she had been there two months ago with her mother.  We were disappointed to find that out, but we are going to go anyway, knowing we will have a great time.

When we pulled off of I-81 to go to the campground, we pulled into a Flying-J to fill up on gas.  Boy, what a Chinese fire drill that turned out to be.  They had two different ways to get into the car and RV gas pumps and it looked like a demolition derby with vehicles coming in from different directions needing to fill their tanks from different sides.  Somehow we were able to navigate the mess and get in and out with a minimum of problem.  We will be certain to not stop at this Flying-J again.

While on the road we decided to call ahead for a campsite.  It was good that we did as there were only two sites left when we called.  The park, Fort Chiswell,  is a good sam park and cost less than $30.00 for a full hookup pull thru site with cable TV and free wi-fi.  We had not problem connecting to the wi-fi, but for some reason could not get on the Internet, so I am using Microsoft Live Writer to write this offline and will update the blog with it when we get to another park.