Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maddy Time

Maddy has spent most of the week with us. We seem to have a very busy time whenever she is with us. Monday we had some chores around the house that needed to be attended so we only left the house to go to a produce stand to buy some fresh corn. Tuesday we went to Baltimore for the day. Our first stop was at Fort McHenry where we had a ranger lead tour over the Fort.
From Baltimore 2009 08 25

After eating lunch at the Inner Harbor Food Court area we went to the Science Center for the afternoon. This proved to be more exciting for Maddy as she likes the interactive activities.
From Baltimore 2009 08 25

While there we saw a young man that we thought we recognized as a flight nurse that works with Todd. Tom asked him if he was a flight nurse and sure enough he was. He was there with his children and sister. We spent several hours in the center. Before leaving Baltimore we stopped at a "Rita's" for gelatos. Maddy had never eaten at "Rita's" before but she found the gelato pleasing to her taste.
From Baltimore 2009 08 25

Maddy wanted to return to Cunningham Falls to climb rocks, as we had done one other time, so we tentatively planned to do that on Wednesday. The weather forecast was calling for a real hot day so we all agreed to forego that idea. After checking movie schedules we decided to go to a theater in Gettysburg to see "Shorts". Maddy said it was the best movie she had ever seen. It was cute but certainly not the best I had ever seen- then again I have been around a little longer than Maddy.
Today, Thursday, we went to Frederick to eat lunch at La Paz restaurant, Maddy's request. During lunch Maddy asked if there was a "Rita's" in Frederick. So after lunch we stopped for another gelato. We then travelled down to Leesburg, Virginia where we met Todd to return Maddy. It was a good week.