Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to Virginia

Yesterday we returned to Todd and Beth's house again. Our purpose this time, in addition to seeing grandchildren, was to celebrate Todd's 40th birthday a few days early. It's hard for me to think that Todd will be 40 years old on August 25th. It's also scary to think that he almost left this world in November. We are so thankful for the actions of Beth and the care of the medical care providers.
We had a nice visit. Anthony was home after being away most of the summer with his dad in Massachusetts and then in New York with his grandparents. Maddy was back with Todd for another week and was coming home with us for a few days this week. And baby Parker was just his darling little self.
From Parker 2009 08 22

We had planned to go out to eat but had to wait for the torrential rain to slow up before going out. Todd and Beth's patio was just swamped with water in no time. We finally got away and ate at a Ruby Tuesday's restaurant. When we returned we had cake and sang "Happy Birthday". It was hard putting that baby down and getting ourselves home.
This morning I thought I would have a hard time getting Maddy out of bed in time to go to church but she was up before "Grandpa". After attending early church services we have enjoyed a quiet day home with the possibility of an ice cream trip later this evening.