Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming Home

This morning we left Staunton about 9am heading for Fredericksburg, Virginia. We arrived in Fredericksburg a little before noon and were able to find a parking place at Mary Washington Hospital. We were here to see our new grandson and to leave Maddy in the care of her dad. Of course, this was Maddy's first chance to see her new brother, she is now an "older sibling"(her words). Once in the hospital room of our daughter-in-law we had to wait for little Parker to be brought back from having a test drive in his car seat, something that was required since he was a few weeks early. He finally arrived after passing his test and we got to ooh and aah all over him. He is such an adorable little guy, all of 6 pounds. He and his mommy were going to be leaving the hospital this afternoon with his daddy and sister, Maddy. We left the hospital and came home. What a day! Grandchildren are just wonderful!