Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fort Chiswell, Virginia to Wildwood, Florida- July 31- August 1, 2016

Sunday, July 31, we travelled 319 miles from Fort Chiswell, Virginia to Walterboro, South Carolina.  We stopped for the day about 2pm at Green Acres RV Park.  A hot day and with a swimming pool in the campground, Parker, Gabi and I went swimming for a while until threatening clouds made us go back to the motorhome.  We had a few claps of thunder and a couple drops of rain but nothing more.

Today, August 1, we continued on south for a total of 333 miles to Wildwood, Florida.  We did stop in Brunswick, Georgia to get fuel and then to get the motorhome washed.  We really don’t have anywhere to wash the motorhome so we decided to give a commercial truck wash a try.  For $64.50 we had the motorhome and the Jeep washed and RainX applied.  We were very pleased with the outcome- both vehicles looked good.  A crew of men did the washing while we sat inside the motorhome as Tom was outside paying the bill.  We did stop at the Florida welcome center where Tom and the grandkids went into the center while I fixed some lunch.  We did eat out on a picnic table.  About 3:40pm we arrived in Wildwood, Florida at the Villager RV Park.  We are only about 15 minutes from our house but we opted to stay here tonight so in the morning Tom can take a loaded up Jeep to the house and then dump our tanks before taking the motorhome to the storage lot.  Today, being my birthday, we went to a favorite restaurant, Los Magueyes, for dinner and then another favorite ice cream store, Ollies, for dessert.  A good day but looking forward to being home tomorrow.  Parker is especially anxious to get to our house since this will be the first visit down here.