Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Gettysburg to Fort Chiswell, Virginia- July 28- 30, 2016

With a lot of distraction I have gotten a little lapse in doing the blog.  so to catch up here goes.

July 28, 2016 we were in Gettysburg.  In the morning we did some grocery shopping for our trip on south to Florida.  At noon we were in Frederick, Md. for lunch at a favorite restaurant of ours, La Paz, to meet up with Todd and our 2 little grandkids, Parker and Gabi.  Parker and Gabi returned to Gettysburg with us as they were going along to Florida.

July 29th we started an early day by going to Taneytown, Md. for me to get my haircut at a former salon. We then ate breakfast at the Country Kitchen and stopped by the senior center to say ‘hi’.  Returning to Gettysburg we drove about the battlefield stopping for some rock climbing at Devil’s Den and then to Little Roundtop.  In the evening we went for steamed crabs at Dave and Jane’s in Fairfield.  Boy, those crabs sure tasted good.  Florida has seafood but not Maryland crabs!

Today, the 30th, we started our travels toward Florida.  We were on the road by 8:25am and stopped at 2:30pm at Fort Chiswell Campground in Virginia, 325 miles.   Parker and Gabi did pretty good for the long travel day.  This evening the pent up energy is coming to the forefront.  we were only able to get a 30 amp site and it is quite hot out.  To keep heat down we have decided to go out to a local restaurant for dinner in stead of cooking.