Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sunshine Finally, May 15, 2014, Thursday

Last night it really rained again and continued drizzling all morning.  It didn’t get too cold last night but tonight it will be in the 30’s.  A cold front moved in this afternoon and we could feel the coldness in the wind, even though ,the sun came out this evening.  Being parked in the infield of the racetrack, we are in the muddiest area.  Some motorhome attempting to make an early departure today found themselves hung-up in the quagmire.  The Escapade ends on Saturday and we were to leave at that time but due to the conditions of this area everyone parked here have been asked to stay until Sunday to allow an additional day of drying and, hopefully, prevent people getting hung-up.  The extra night is being given to us without cost.

This morning Tom and I started out in the vendor area as today was the last day for the vendors.  We had not been here except for the first day.  We then attended more seminars.  The seminars that we attend cover a variety of topics, sometimes we both attend the same seminar and other times we go in different directions according to our interests.  One seminar that I attended today was called “My Personal Amish/Mennonite Story” given by a local woman that had been raised as an Amish and later changed to being a Mennonite.  Area surrounding Goshen has many Amish and Mennonite folk living here.

This evening the entertainment was called “Ham-O-Rama” which was fellow Escapees displaying their talent.  There was a nice variety of talent- singing, telling jokes and playing instruments.  Nice evening.