Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nappanee, Indiana, May 8, 2014, Thursday

A cool morning that quickly gave way to a warm day.  With temperatures in the mid 80’s this is to be the warmest day while we are in the area, so the weather people say.  The cap on our propane tank had cracked and needed replacing so we stopped at several places in Elkhart without any luck.  Nappanee is about 20 miles from here and an area that we are quite familiar from our Newmar days.  The Newmar factory has a parts store that we stopped but at the time the store was closed for lunch.  So we then went to a Mexican restaurant in Nappanee that we had been before for our lunch.  Afterwards we returned to the Newmar parts store and since the cap was out of stock an order was placed for it to be shipped to us. 

Nappanee is Amish country.  Rentown Country Store  is located outside of Nappanee on a country road.  We have been to this store many times when in this area.  Bulk foods, cheeses, baked goods and cooking supplies are the main items sold here.  There is a limited amount of fresh produce and today there was fresh rhubarb available which I bought.  As we had come into Nappanee from Elkhart we saw a place called Grandma’s Pantry, new from our last visit out here, so we stopped there on our way back.  This store was similar to the Rentown store and we , of course, managed to find a couple things to purchase.

Returning to the motorhome, I made a pan of rhubarb sauce with the rhubarb I had purchased today.  It has been years since I have made this sauce, something that was taught to me years ago by my mom.