Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring has Arrived and We are Home, May 20, 2014, Tuesday

Finally the weather is beginning to feel like spring.  I believe last night was the first night that the heat did not come on during the night in these couple of weeks of being on the road.  Yesterday was a bright sunny day and this morning started out that way but then the clouds started to move in and rain is predicted for tomorrow.

We were going to be home today but before pulling out we drove to Manheim,Pa.to Root' Farmers in the Jeep.  Seeing the parking lots so full we expected the inside market to be crowded but in this warmer weather there were outside vendors that help to disperse the crowds.  We made a loop around the market purchasing fresh produce and then returned to the campground.  Tom dumped the black and gray tanks and soon we were on out way toward home about 12 noon.  Seventy-two miles and 2 hours later we were home.

Obviously, there was some activity with the house as we found a couple lights left on and the fliers in the box on the real estate sign had been depleted.  But, unfortunately, there must not have been anything noteworthy for our realtor to contact us.