Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Finally, We are Back on the Road, May 2-4, 2014

It has been a long time since traveling in the motorhome.  Our last trip of this travel was in November 2013.  That is a long time of being idle for us.  Well, we really were not idle.  We just had other irons in the fire.  After the holidays we became busy getting our house ready to be on the market as we had decided that we were going to make a move to Florida from Maryland.  So after doing some painting, cleaning out stuff and ridding things at yard sales and giving away to charities we felt we needed to get away and hope someone comes along wanting to buy our house.

Friday, May 2, 2014 we had a short drive, 28 miles, to Ramblin’  Pines Campground in Woodbine, Maryland for the May campout with our Traveling Americans Camping Club.  After a week of rainy weather the sun was shining and the temperatures were becoming more comfortable.  There were to be 10 units but 3 had to cancel due to a family death, illness and motorhome problems.  So we were down to 7 units, 14 people, which is a nice group.  Friday evening 12 of us, one couple opted to stay at the campground, went out to dinner at Smokin’ Hot Restaurant in Glenwood.  A nice barbeque restaurant that was very accommodating to this size group and the food was good.  Unfortunately, we discovered a leak under the kitchen sink and Tom along with Larry’s help spent hours before and after dinner locating and then making a temporary fix.  A drain pipe became cracked and after the temporary fix will need to be replaced later.

Larry and Joanne and Tom and I were the hosts for this weekend.  Saturday morning we prepared breakfast of bacon and eggs, fruit, juice, toasts and English muffins and apple coffee cake.  After breakfast everyone does whatever.  Tom and I went to a Home Depot to get replacement for the kitchen sprayer that also we found on Friday needing to be replaced.  Then after finding out that sprayer would not work Tom went to The Plumbery in Mt. Airy and got a sprayer that did the job.  Saturday evening we had an Italian Dinner- Joanne made spaghetti and meatballs and I made lasagna, others brought salad, garlic bread and desserts.  We were able to eat in a pavilion at the campground which was lucky for us as the sunny start of the evening meal suddenly turned to a downpour of rain and wind and as we finished the sun again appeared.  Later in the evening a campfire was made and a few brave souls sat around the fire sharing stories, other sought out the warm comfort of their RV’s.

Sunday morning, we gathered for pot luck breakfast.  We always seem to have a nice assortment of breakfast dishes.  After breakfast we bid our farewells and went our separate ways.