Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011 Yuma, Arizona

Saturday was our last day at the Caravan Oasis Campground as we would be moving back to the fairground on Sunday for another rally.  In preparation for the rally I washed up the dirty clothes and bedclothes and towels.  We did drive to El Centro, California, about 60 miles from Yuma, but found nothing there of interest to us so we returned to Yuma.  We had a late lunch at La Fonda Tortilla Factory.  We really like this old restaurant.  The food is good, the waitress are attired in Mexican peasant skirts and blouses.  The décor is different from the usual Mexican restaurants- white walls have stenciled paintings in pastel colors.  Service is a little slow but it has been a busy restaurant whenever we have been there.  Afterwards we went down to the old section of Yuma.

Hotel San Carlos in old section of Yuma, Arizona

We had been told that we should go to Lutes Casino and see all the “stuff” on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  We were surprised to find that it was not a casino at all but a restaurant.

Sunday we made our move to the fairgrounds for the “Gypsy Gathering”.  We had to be out of the campground by 11am but were able to parked at the fairgrounds until after 12 noon.  A large parking lot was available by the front gates for parking and when we arrived there were quite a few RVers already parked there.  We were told that we wouldn’t get parked until about 1pm so we ate lunch and read books as we waited.  Finally about 2pm the parking was started and by 2:30 we were situated in our campsite.  We were disappointed that we were parked in an area that did not have electric (20amp) that just makes life much nicer for us.  A little electric keeps our batteries charged and we are able to have the television, computer, and lights on without draining the batteries and then needing to use the generator.   Nothing was planned for Sunday as this was considered an early bird entry.  We went to an Appleby’s for dinner and returned to spend a quiet evening with no television and candles for lights.  We were glad when 10pm arrived so that we could go to bed- an earlier and I would be up before the crack of dawn.

Today, Monday, we woke up to the winds blowing briskly and cooler temperatures but plenty of sunshine.  The bright sunshine can heat up the motorhome in little time.  Tom found out that we could hook up to electric in the shed that we are backed up to and once that was done we felt a lot better about our situation here.  We went down to the old section of Yuma to have lunch at Lutes Casino.  Their specialty is hamburgers which we both had and must say they were good burgers.  The place is an old establishment with “stuff” everywhere, I’m sure we missed seeing some things but  what we saw was unique.

Lutes Casino, Yuma, Az.Poster on wall at Lutes Casino, Yuma, Az.Poster at Lutes Casino, Yuma, Az.

At 3pm the Gypsy Gathering officially started with opening remarks and introductions.  Nick and Terry Russell are fulltimers that have a business of publishing an RV travel newspaper,” The Gypsy Journal” and this is their rally.  Later this evening  tickets for doorprizes were drawn and we won(?) a day clock, doesn’t tell time, just the day of the week.