Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011, Wednesday, Magdalena to Roswell

Before leaving the campground at Magdalena, Tom checked to see if anyone was in the office to collect our money for the campsite but the office was still locked up.  According to our Passport America directory we would be expected to pay $20.00 which included tax for the campsite so we put $20.00 in an envelope and placed in the key drop box for the motel patrons.  And we were on our way traveling east on US60 through the towns of Socorro and then San Antonio where we picked up US 380. The terrain was soft rolling hills covered with dried grasses and occasionally a mesquite tree.

Near the town of Carrizozo we suddenly began seeing black lava rocks and saw signs referring to this area as the “Valley of Fire”.

We stopped in the town of Capitan and went to the Smokey Bear Historical Park.

During a forest fire in this area a bear cub was rescued and named Smokey.  This Smokey was the inspiration for the Smokey Bear campaign against forest fires.  Smokey lived his life at the National Zoo in Washington but when he died his body was returned to Capitan and he was buried on what is now the Historical Park.

We ate lunch at a local restaurant in Capitan and then continued on to the town of Lincoln, an area that the famous Billy the Kid was known .

  From Lincoln we moved on to Roswell where we are staying at the Trailer Village Park for the next 2 nights.  Sure hope the aliens don’t invade tonight!!