Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011 Amarillo, Texas to Enid, Oklahoma

We were back on US 60 again traveling east toward Oklahoma.  As we were leaving the Amarillo area we saw 6 or more trains sitting idly on the tracks.  Then we saw maintenance equipment moving on the tracks and at one spot there was numerous pieces of equipment and men working on the tracks.  There must have been some major problem that was being worked on.  Trains were being stopped on the east side of the work area as well.   The land was very flat until we were around Miami, Texas where hills appeared and continued through western Oklahoma.  As we drove through Oklahoma we saw buttes and mesas along the way.

Roadwork was being done and the dirt that was being moved was the reddest dirt ever as well as the rocks along the way.  Ranches and farms that were using irrigation had large fields of wheat growing,  these big green fields were a standout in the otherwise area of dried brown grasses.  We stopped for lunch in Seiling, Ok. at a local café, both of us having chicken dinner.   We are camped at a Moose Lodge in Enid, Oklahoma.  There is a nice camping area here with electric hook-ups.  The weather today has been cloudy with some fog this morning and strong winds.  We were traveling west to east, the winds were blowing south to north, so we were broadsided the entire way.  Even tonight the winds are still blowing and the forecast is for winds again tomorrow.