Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Road Again

We are back on the road traveling again.   Travis had to have some bloodwork done on Wednesday before we left for an extended time.  This appointment caused us to reschedule a grooming appointment for Travis from Wednesday to Friday morning.  So after he had his grooming we left Taneytown and headed for Elizabethtown, Pa. for a weekend of camping with the Traveling Americans.  On Saturday the winds became blustery and the temperature dropped to a chilly level.  It was not the best weather for eating  outdoors but we managed as there was not any other choice.

This morning, Mother’s Day, we had a potluck breakfast  which the men did the cooking.  We had a nice variety of  food.  After breakfast, Tom and I got on the road a little past 10am going west toward Ohio.  It was windy a good bit of the day.  A little past 4pm we stopped for the night at a campground at Newton Falls, Ohio where the winds were very calm. 

I had received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Todd, Beth, Maddy, Anthony and Parker on Thursday for Mother’s Day.  The flowers are traveling along in the motorhome looking almost as pretty as they did on Thursday.  Tomorrow we will continue west stopping in northwest Ohio at Tom’s sister and brother-in-laws for a visit.