Monday, April 19, 2010


They say time flies when you're having fun. I must really be having fun since time seems to be flying. We have been out the past 2 weekends in the motorhome camping with groups. The first weekend we were in Salisbury, Maryland camping with the Traveling American group. Tom and I along with Larry, my brother, and Joanne were hosts for that weekend which means we plan the meals. We had planned to go to a restaurant in Salisbury on Friday night but the campground recommended a closer restaurant, Red Roost, which was a good choice. The menu was mostly seafood to everyones liking. Saturday morning we had a breakfast of muffins, boiled eggs, fruit juice and coffee. Saturday evening Joanne and I fixed pots of soup and others brought salads, breads and desserts. Sunday morning we had pot luck breakfast which turned out to have a nice variety of food- sometimes we end up with lots of one type of food like egg dishes. The campground we stayed was a little muddy when we first arrived as there had been rain the night before but it did dry up somewhat until Sunday. There were 7 units camping about average for the first campout of the season. There were some folks that were still away for the winter.
This past weekend Tom and I went to Walkersville, about 20 miles away, for the Maryland Good Sam President's Weekend. Since Tom had been elected as president of Traveling Americans, a Good Sam chapter, this year this campout was a new venture for us. We learned that Tom was responsible for preparing breakfast on Saturday morning, a job handed down from the previous president. We were a little apprehensive about taking on the breakfast as we were unfamiliar with the facilities but all went well. Several others offered their help in preparing the sausage and pancakes. A meeting was held after breakfast and then it was freetime to do whatever. A hot dog/hamburger pot luck dinner was served on Saturday evening. Both Friday and Saturday evening following dinnertime bingo was played. We had our usual luck but it was something to do.
We are now getting things in order to take off for Alaska in May. Our plans are to camp with the Traveling Americans the first weekend of May and then start to head west. We are stopping for several days in Elkhart, Indiana to have some work done on our motorhome. And then we will bide our time waiting for Larry and Joanne to catch up to us after they attend college graduations of granddaughters.