Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010 On the Move Again

After spending 9 days in Bevidere, Illinois at the Outdoor World campground we are on the move again.   Larry and Joanne left Pennsylvania on Sunday and by Monday evening they were pulling into Outdoor World.  Our Fantastic Fan’s covering over the motor fell off  last week and a call to the company resulted in them saying they would send a replacement for it and it should be to us by Monday.  So on Monday the day Larry and Joanne arrived we hoped the the fan parts also would have arrived but it didn’t seem that that happened.  We decided Monday evening that we would wait one more day but no longer.  So that was the plan Monday night.

This morning, Tuesday, one of the maintenance men came to the door with a package.  The fan parts had arrived on Monday but the address label was not clear and after opening the package and finding it was not for him he then saw the site number and brought it to us.  We then decided let’s get ready to move on.  Tom wanted to get new wiper blades before traveling on.  Larry and Joanne had some errands ( grocery items and a haircut for Larry).  So these things were addressed and probably by 11am we thought we were ready to go.  Larry then discovered that he had a flat tire on his 5th wheel.  So he called his emergency service and finally about 1pm the serviceman came to the campground but then it was thundering and pouring rain. A spare tire was put on but this was just a temporary fix until another tire was gotten.   Finally at 1:35pm we left the campground and we went to Belvidere to a tire store to get  a new tire.  We had decided that we would go about 125 miles today to a campground in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

At 4:45pm we pulled into the Fox Hill campground.  Fox Hill is a nice campground in a very quiet setting and being a Passport park it is a good deal- $20.05 for full hook-ups including 50 amps.