Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Homeless

Bright and early- 6am- we had a service tech at the door of our motorhome. After a few final steps the service tech drove our motorhome to a service area and we were left homeless for a couple of days until our roof is replaced. We drove out to a McDonald's to get some breakfast. When we returned to Newmar's parking lot our service tech informed us that indeed the roof needed to be replaced as water had gotten underneath the roof. We had been given an estimate and were surprised that it was about half of what we thought it might be. The replacement would take 3 days so we had to find someplace to stay tonight and Thursday night- and that someplace had to let us keep Travis with us. The Inn at Amish Acres was recommended so we checked it out and found that after 2pm we could check in with Travis for an additional fee.
We drove to Shipshewana, about 30 plus miles, and walked about their flea market. It was cold and damp and we saw the same things for sale over and over again. Travis was allowed to walk around with us. Leaving Shipshewana we returned to Nappannee stopping at a local diner for lunch.
A little after 2pm we were in our room at Amish Acres and Travis was curled up on the bed. Being in a motel room reminds me why I like traveling in our motorhome- no matter where we are we always are home.