Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April 7 a Warm Wednesday

It is hard to believe how warm (hot) it is here in Maryland for the month of April. The house had gotten so warm and uncomfortable that we turned the air conditioning on and to our dismay it was not working. So this morning a technician came to the house to check out things and the bottom line is that we need to replace our heat pump which is not quite 10 years old. It seems things occur in 3's. Our motorhome was being serviced at the local Ford dealer and new brakes had to be installed and we are scheduled to go out to Indiana to the factory in May to have a new roof installed. Whee, let's hope that it stops at 3 things. Enough is enough!
This is our last full day with Maddy. We went to Emmitsburg, Md. to the National Fire Academy. We had lunch in the cafeteria, a great bargain. Upon entering the cafeteria you pay a fixed price and then you are able to eat whatever- salad bar, soups, hot entrees, sandwiches and a dessert bar including ice cream. We then walked about the grounds seeing the Fallen Firefighters Monument and the 9/11/01 monument. We ended our visit with a stop in the gift shop where Maddy got 3 little glass dogs.